KICS and Covid-19

We are very sad to report that nearly all KICS’ activities were suspended for the second time on June 7 2021 for six weeks. There has been a dramatic surge in Covid infections in Uganda in recent weeks, with 1,500 new cases every day, much higher than at any stage during the pandemic.
We had restarted all our activities earlier this year, and were looking forward especially to our orphans and vulnerable children on our RONCO project getting back to their schooling. The current restrictions mean that school-based projects, RONCO, our English Language Scheme and our Menstrual Health Education project have all had to stop. Due to restrictions on gatherings, our literacy programme has also had to stop. We may suspend disbursing and collecting microcredit loans in person to protect our staff.
We hope very much that day labouring and food markets, which are still allowed to function, will enable the poorest people to keep economically active. Last year during the worst of the lockdown we delivered food, seeds and hygiene equipment to needy families. We delivered solar-powered radios and schoolbooks to older children so they could benefit from educational broadcasts, and we sent tutors to these children to help them individually. Our team in Uganda is monitoring the situation there closely to see what support we might need to offer during this lockdown. Read more about the situation in Uganda and how we were able to help the people of Kashare last year in our annual report.

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