KICS and Covid-19

KICS’ projects were suspended on 18 March 2020 when a nationwide lock down and curfew was introduced to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Schools have reopened only for those taking exams. Gatherings have been banned and transportation is severely limited. The number of cases of Covid is rising, and is now above 8,000. The number of deaths, while low compared to many other countries, is also rising.
Economic activity has decreased and markets have been closed. Without wages from day labour or small trading the poorest are suffering. Our team in Uganda fears that more cases of malnutrition will develop in the area. Read more about the situation in Uganda and Kashare in our annual report.
KICS has been able to deliver food, soap and learning materials twice to the orphans and vulnerable children it supports through its education and welfare project (RONCO). These children would usually receive a weekly meal and daily school breakfast.
We extended the welfare to the 120 women in the literacy circles and to 50 additional exceptionally needy households in Kashare. The team was shocked at the situations they found and how little hope for the future people had. The programme goes on.
We have piloted providing solar-powered radios so that children in Kashare can listen to government educational programmes. Projects are gradually opening up again, under strict Covid guidelines.
We want to raise extra funds so that we are able to meet some of the exceptional needs. Please contribute to our appeal.

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