We are thrilled to be building ten new 7,000 litre rainwater tanks which will transform the lives of many people in Kashare. Until now they have sometimes had to walk long distances to collect water, which has not always been clean. With the twice-yearly rains in the area, we hope these tanks, which store water collected from a house roof, will provide a constant source of safe water. Often until now children have made the long trek to fetch water so they miss school. If the adults do this chore it means less time to tend their crops or work in their shops.

A constant nearby water source will be vital to improve health, families can wash more regularly, and keep their clothes clean. It will also stop the back problems some people have had because of carrying heavy cans of water.

We have been able to do this, and to completely renovate the latrines at two schools, thanks to a £5,000 grant from the Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund.

The latrines are much cleaner, and most importantly have lockable doors so teachers and students can use them in privacy. This too will improve health.

Water is vital for health and to enable people to become more economically active and we would love to extend this scheme. Help us to provide even more safe water to the people of Kashare.